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Up and Coming Events

Up and Coming Events

The following events are scheduled for DATE through DATE. Please CALL / EMAIL us at PHONE NUMBER / EMAIL ADDRESS for more information.



6:30 PM 

Donna will be sharing Chad's Story and some parts of her book, "Why Me? I'm Just the Momma!". If you or someone you know has a drug addiction, you will want to hear about her journey from the time Chad turned 15 through many more years of unrelenting pain, disappointment, lawyers, prisons and drugs. 

I just want them to know that someone cares enough about them personally to spend their own money on a special dinner for them. And instead of going out to celebrate, I choose to celebrate with them!



Levi has an awesome story to share with My Kids. He is young and they will be able torelate with him well. He has gone from full blown addiction to having a family and how own business after having the guts to reach out for help and the determination to win!!!



week of 1/1/17


CHad's Animal Rescue Mission

CH.A.R.M. will be hosting several Speakers that have confirmed they want to share stories, but haven't set the actual date yet. This is a work in progress and will continue this year as God sends us new people who care enough to share with My Kids.

2017 TBA


Busy Bees with Dawn Mathisen is our host to help fund our non-profit for purchasing more books and helping low/no income families with their emergency vet bills. She has done an awesome job and we appreciate her service and committment to our program!!! We do NOT sell the books; they are given away to help someone that needs the message inside! It's a "God-Thing".