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CHad's Animal Rescue Mission is a program sponsored by From Detention to Prevention, Inc. where at-risk youths become sponsors and trainers for a rescued dog or their own dogs. and hopefully in the future, we will have our own rescued animals to care for and love and share with the community.

Along with professional training, the animals and teens will learn unconditional love from each other, the teen will build self-esteem and confidence in a positive environment and the dog will have a "Forever" home.

Dog Shows will raise funds for our 501(c)3 non-profit organization as well as providing food, dog training collars, leashes and maybe costumes for the animals. And there is always transportation costs as well.

Our vet, Dr. Jim Bowers of Eastside Animal Hospital, has volunteered to provide shots and on-going well-doggy care for free. But we are currently in a holding pattern and will start up as soon as time and funds permit.